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Hill Engineering RDC

The Hill Engineering Research and Development Center houses the KU EcoHawks and aids the engineering students to conduct their research which includes fabricating and refurbishing electric vehicles and working with biofuels, photovoltaics (solar panels) and shrouded wind turbine research.

Hill Engineering Research and Development CenterThe building features 45 solar photovoltaic panels on the roof at 260 watts each and 18 solar panels on the entry at 250 watts each.

The solar panels significantly offset the building’s energy costs. Net metering enables the University to be credited for excess energy production during peak hours of sun and wind and use these credits during less productive times. An energy management system displays the building’s real time energy on a monitor that allows building users to immediately see the impact of the photovoltaics on the building. Preliminary energy model studies indicate that the EcoHawks’ facility will require less energy than produced by 12%.

A public electric vehicle charging station has been provided to encourage the use of alternative fuel vehicles. Additional charging spaces are roughed in for the eventual expansion of this concept in the larger public park and ride lot.

For examples of research that can be accomplished at this Center, please view the KU EcoHawks Current and Past Projects.