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Academic and administrative buildings' are scheduled unoccupied over Holidays. This is the same way they are scheduled for weekends. A list of University recognized Holidays can be found at KU Human Resources.

KU academic and administrative building temperatures are carefully scheduled throughout the year to achieve the highest levels of personal comfort and energy efficiency. For more information on temperatures, visit Energy Policy.

**If your department has a special event scheduled in a space listed below during a holiday, requiring the building to be scheduled occupied, please submit a your request through Facilities Services or email energy@ku.edu for a schedule change. Facilities Services will utilize the most energy efficient means of supplying cooling or heating for approved off-hour/holiday requests. Or please consider hosting your event in an alternate building that will have the heat or air conditioning on (a building NOT listed below), in order to save energy and utilize the heating or air conditioning already provided.

Academic and administrative buildings typically scheduled unoccupied over holidays include:
Anschutaz Library
Bailey Hall
BEST (Edwards Campus)
Blake Hall
Budig Hall
Capitol Federal Hall
Center for Design Research
Chalmers Hall
Dole Human Development Center
Eaton Hall
Fraser Hall
Green Hall
Hall Center
Haworth (Stuart Wing ONLY)
Hilltop Childcare
LEEP2 (Classrooms & Offices ONLY)
Lied Center
Lindley Hall
M2SEC (Offices ONLY)
Marvin Hall
Murphy Hall
Nunemaker Hall
Regents Center (Edwards Campus)
Regnier (Edwards Campus)
Robinson Gym
Smith Hall
Snow Hall
St. Andrews
Strong Hall
(Ambler) Student Recreation
Summerfield Hall
Twente Hall
Visitors Center
Watkins Health Center
Watson Library
Wescoe Hall