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Lights Out - Round 1

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Lights Out! was a campus energy competition between Bailey Hall, Green Hall, and Summerfield Hall. Starting February 1, 2012 and running through April 26, the 12-week competition encouraged faculty, staff, and students to consider how they can reduce energy use throughout the day.

Throughout the competition, the Center for Sustainability and our energy partner at that time, Energy Solutions Professionals, provided support for each building by working with leadership teams to encourage conservation behaviors and participation in activities, including:

Photo of the three deans in boxing gloves

  • Energy Pledge: An energy pledge, similar to the KU Sustainability Pledge, listed specific behaviors individuals could choose to adopt. Anyone completing the pledge form was eligible for prize drawings
  • CFL Exchange: Faculty and staff in buildings were be able to exchange incandescent bulbs used in desk and floor lamps for free CFLs provided by ESP.
  • Consultation: CFS and ESP was available to meet with leadership teams and/or individual offices and staff regarding specific opportunities for conservation (e.g. reducing the number of printers or other peripherals in use, consolidating equipment, personal comfort levels, etc.)
  • Educational Resources: Educational resources and energy saving tips were provided to raise awareness about targeted behaviors

Each building's energy savings was judged against a baseline of energy the building used in 2011. At the end of the competition, the building that made the greatest improvement - Bailey Hall - won a grand prize of a barbeque lunch for all the participants from their building. Overall, the three buildings combined to reduce energy consumption by 14.3% compared to the baseline.

Graph indicating a cumulative savings of 14.3% over a 12 week period.