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Lights Out - Round 2

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Lights Out! Round 2 was the second installment of a friendly energy-saving competition between campus buildings that encourages faculty, staff and students to consider how they can reduce energy use throughout the day and when they leave buildings in the evening. The 2013 competition took place March 4 through April 17 and involved 12 buildings.

Throughout the competition, the Center for Sustainability and our energy partner at that time, Energy Solutions Professionals, provided support for each building by working with leadership teams to encourage conservation behaviors and participation in activities, including:

  • Energy Pledge: Occupants could take an energy pledge to establish their commitment to saving energy.
  • Training/Information Sessions: Several training/information sessions were held on different days and times right up to the start of the competition. This was an opportunity to pick up some energy-saving tips that will allow you to land some early blows to the competition.
  • Educational Resources: Energy saving tips were available on the energy website and were also provided as handouts.
  • Personal Consultations: The Center for Sustainability and our energy partnerss were available to meet with teams and/or individuals to discuss specific energy saving opportunities for the building, department, or work area.


Each building's energy savings was compared to the energy the building used during the prior week. Only electric use is measured since that is the energy source that building occupants typically have the greatest amount of control over.

Lights Out Round 2 Results table indicating percent savings for each of 14 buildings.