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Overlook of Campus

The University of Kansas is committed to a policy of energy efficiency and energy conservation, particularly during this time of rising utility costs, tighter budgets, and new construction on campus.

KU is taking the initiative to address opportunities for energy conservation, both technical and behavioral. This initiative is driven by the goals outlined in the Campus Sustainability Plan. KU's approach is to go building by building to assess facilities, identify energy conservation measures, and put leadership teams in place to assist with ongoing implementation and assessment of efficiencies within the building.

The KU Center for Sustainability tracks building energy use and performance in university buildings. They monitor the operation of building mechanical systems and find opportunities to minimize energy consumption such as adjusting building heating and cooling schedules, maintaining temperature set-points, identifying opportunities to install more energy efficient lighting, and many others.

The KU Center for Sustainability also promotes a culture of sustainability at KU, empowering students, faculty, and staff to make sustainable decisions. CFS identifies opportunities for improving the efficiency of energy utilization through occupant behavior change on KU’s Lawrence campus.

The Center for Sustainability works together with other Campus Operations departments to lower energy and meet the needs on campus while creating a healthy, comfortable environment.