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Past Projects


LED Campus Lighting Project

This project replaces old compact fluorescent (CFL) and halogen lighting with new high efficiency LED lighting throughout campus.  The Facilities Services Storeroom started ordering LED lights to replace the CFL and halogen lamps as they fail.  Currently, there were 21 different CFL and halogen lamps in the Storeroom which had good LED alternatives. All of these lamp types will be replaced with the LED alternative. Expected end date of the project is 2019.

The LED Lighting Project is projected to reduce annual electricity consumption by 793,435 KWh when the project is complete. The project will result in an estimated annual energy savings of $88,667.

There will also be around $71,000 in annual maintenance savings due to a substantial reduction in re-lamping that will occur.  This is due to LED lighting being more reliable with a much longer anticipated service life.


Parking Lot 54, LED Lighting

Parking Lot 54 is located on the southwest corner of 15th Street & Naismith Drive, and features many sustainability projects, including an enhanced stormwater management system, longer-life concrete, high albedo (light coloration) concrete to reduce heat island effects, and numerous shade trees.

Nine LED luminarie heads were installed on eight 30-foot poles to replaces metal halide luminaire heads. Due the energy efficiency of LEDs, the replacement is expected to reduce electricity consumption by 50%, or 8,830 kWh per year.

In addition to energy savings, qualitative benefits of LED lighting include improved color rendering and visibility on security cameras, lower glare and better cutoff – which will reduce light pollution and potentially improve public safety.  LEDs also have a rated life of 50,000 hours (over 11 years) – more than double the 20,000-hour (about 4.5 years) rated life of metal halide lamps; this will reduce operating and maintenance costs.

Lindley Hall, Building Controls

This project consists of providing the hardware and software required to put Lindley Hall on the campus Building Automated Controls System (BACS). This was a new installation. The main benefit was the energy reduction from implementing optimal start/stop (scheduling) of the building HVAC systems. The direct savings from the reduction in load on the HVAC systems will result in an annual savings of 140,530 kWh in electricity and a 324.5 MMBtu savings in steam usage.

In addition to energy savings, qualitative benefits of the BACS include improved maintenance response and reduced downtime.


Ambler Student Recreation Fitness Center Court Lighting Retrofit

This project consists of replacing 168 pulse-start metal halide fixtures with 4-lamp, high-output T5 high bay fluorescent fixtures in the two court areas of the Ambler Student Recreation Fitness Center. This will be a one-to-one fixture replacement.  Individual fixture wattage will be reduced from 453 watts to 257 watts, saving a total of 196 watts per fixture. The direct savings from the new lighting fixtures, combined with the reduction in load on the HVAC systems, will result in an annual savings of 165,202 kWh and a 34.2 kW reduction in demand. However, because the new lights give off less heat, there will be a 243,000 kBTU penalty on steam usage due. Total estimated annual savings for Recreation Services is projected at $9,237.

Over the next 15 years, an estimated $11,173 savings (present value) on replacement lamps and ballasts may be realized. This projection is for materials only and does not include potential labor savings.