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Revolving Green Loan Fund

Basketball Court with LED Lights


The Revolving Green Loan Fund (RGLF) promotes sustainability at the University of Kansas by funding projects that are both environmentally and economically responsible, and that promote sustainable design, renewable energy, and energy efficiency.

The Revolving Green Loan Fund was started with an allotment of $40,000 to invest in (1) capital improvements that reduce the University’s dependence on non-renewable energy sources; (2) sustainable design, construction and landscaping; (3) transportation improvements; and (4) projects to educate the campus community about change that will make the campus more sustainable. After the initial allotment, the Revolving Green Loan Fund will be self-sustaining, as savings from the projects will accumulate and be reinvested in additional projects.


The Revolving Green Loan Fund (RGLF) aims to support sustainability initiatives at the University of Kansas through:
1. Encouraging sustainable design and construction.
2. Reducing budget pressures by funding efficient and renewable energy projects that will decrease utility and other spending at the University.
3. Sustaining the fund into the future through project savings.

By establishing this revolving green loan fund, the University of Kansas joins the growing list of public universities with revolving loan funds that promote sustainable economic and environmental practices and serve as a model for other public institutions to follow this practice.

Read the full Revolving Green Loan Fund Charter1 (pdf).