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Shut It Down Challenge

Did you know in 2014 the School of Art, School of Engineering and the School of Architecture, Design & Planning consumed 7,485,151 Kilowatt hours of energy?

That is equivalent to.......


Carbon Dioxide emissions from


gallons of gasoline consumed...








Annual greenhouse gas emissions from


passenger vehicles...










Carbon Dioxide emissions from


pounds of burned coal.






That is why UnplugKU has partnered with Campus Conservation Nationals to present to you the first annual


From April 1st to April 22nd Unplug KU and the Center of Sustainability will be hosting the Shut It Down Challenge to help reduce those numbers. The Challenge will be KU’s part in the largest energy and water reduction competition for colleges and universities in the world, Campus Conservation Nationals (CCN). The goal of the CCN is to bring together students, faculty, and staff to work towards the common goal of reducing our schools carbon emissions, and changing campus culture to create a more sustainable lifestyle.

Buildings chosen for this year’s competition were strategically selected to involve as many students, faculty, and staff as possible in facilities that with some of the longest operating hours, so, it is no surprise that the School of Architecture, Urban Planning, and Design, the School of Art, and the School of Engineering made the list.

Here's how you can get involved....

Visit our energy dashboard and stay up to date on how your building is doing during the competition

Commit to conserve on our energy dashboard

Like our Facebook page: this will keep you updated with how all the participating buildings are doing and fun energy conservation tips and events that you can do during competition

Learn about your energy use: There will be opportunities throughout the competition to learn about local energy use and how you can push KU to become a more sustainable campus