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Is your space too hot or too cold?


1. Do you think the area is colder than 69 oF or warmer than 76oF during work hours? If yes, see 2.

You may have a programmable thermostat at home which is set to one temperature while you are away and another more comfortable temperature when are home. The building schedules on campus work in a similar fashion. They have “occupied” and “unoccupied” set-points that raise or lower the temperature to save energy and money when no one is using the space. The occupied set-points are 69 oF in the winter and 76oF in the summer. During unoccupied hours, temperatures will be set back to 55 oF in the winter and 85 oF in the summer based on building capability and function. Email energy@ku.edu adjustments to the building schedules to save energy.


2. Report it as soon as possible to Facilities Services at 785-864-4770 or online to create a Service Request.

Don't try to fix the problem yourself. At home, you may be able to open a window if you are hot or use a space heater if you’re cold. However, the HVAC systems in the campus buildings are much larger than your air conditioning or furnace at home and function differently. Therefore, temperature discomforts also need to be handled differently.

Opening a window in your campus office will cause the (VAV) box that supplies cool air to the space to register a pressure difference. Subsequently, the box will work harder to cool the room. This not only uses more energy and money but is also harder on the mechanical equipment. If you see an open window, please shut it or notify us of any energy-saving opportunities at energy@ku.edu. Areas that are either too hot or too cold should be reported as soon as possible to Facilities Services at 785-864-4770.

If someone has a space heater because they are cold, it can actually cause other coworkers to be uncomfortable too. If the space heater is located near the thermostat, the thermostat could register that the room is warmer than it actually is and run the heat as much as it should to warm other parts of the space that need it. The temperature in those offices controlled by that thermostat could drop and coworkers could become uncomfortable. We ask that you do not use space heaters; aside from causing thermal comfort issues, space heaters are big energy users and fire hazards, and are highly discouraged at KU. If you have a space heater, please take it home. Please notify us of any energy-saving opportunities at energy@ku.edu. Areas that are either too hot or too cold should be reported as soon as possible to Facilities Services at 785-864-4770.


3. The Service Request will be turned into a Work Order and the Zone Maintenance crew in your area will investigate the issue.


4. An email will be automatically generated and sent to you once the work is complete.