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Cassi Kuhn

Energy Program Manager
Center for Sustainability
Primary office:
120B Lindley Hall
1475 Jayhawk Blvd
Lawrence, KS 66045


Cassidy Kuhn, as the Energy Program Manager, analyzes, identifies, and administers opportunities for improving the efficiency of energy utilization through procedural and technical improvements and occupant behavior change on KU’s Lawrence campus. Work includes managing energy data, preparing reports, implementing the energy plan, and coordinates energy efforts within KU Operation departments.

Cassi was raised on a small farm near Ulysses, Kansas. Her family grew corn, wheat, and milo as well as raising sheep, hogs, and bucket calves for 4-H. Soil and water conservation was a way of life on the farm in Southwest Kansas, which led to her interest in environmental initiatives in college.

Cassi graduated Summa Cum Laude from Southwestern College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physics and Minors in Mathematics, Environmental Studies, and Leadership Studies. Her involvement in service learning organizations led her to initiate a hands-on energy efficiency project in Winfield, KS involving walk-through audits and completed efficiency upgrades.  She further impacted and inspired others with energy efficiency initiatives as she competed for the title of Miss Kansas. She advocated from classrooms and boardrooms that efficiency did not have to mean using less but wasting less.

Cassi put into action energy efficiency initiatives as the program director for the Climate + Energy Project. She directed the Take Charge Challenge initiative, an energy efficiency competition between cities in Kansas and Missouri, where she engaged and helped diverse participants and stakeholders implement energy efficiency practices, reduce energy consumption, and save money on energy bills.  Cassi also lobbied for renewable energy at the Kansas State Legislature and coordinated grassroots advocacy and outreach.