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LED Lighting Project

KU Operations has been working with maintenance staff and building managers to replace existing lighting with LEDs as well as utilizing different energy conservation strategies for buildings that use a lot of lighting for long periods of time. As of fall 2014, lighting retrofits have been completed on the Mississippi Street Parking Garage, the Allen Fieldhouse Parking Garage, and in campus buildings such as Eaton Hall and Murphy Hall.

In March 2015, KU started an LED Lighting Replacement Program which replaces failed compact fluorescent and halogen lamps with LED lamps. Total cost is estimated to be an additional $200,000 spread out over four years. Anticipated savings will be over $88,000 in annual energy and $71,000 in annual maintenance. As of the end of FY2020, there have been 47,743 LED lamps installed with material cost of $312,540 and estimated annual savings of $416,177.