A service of Campus Operations

Night view of a campus building

The KU Center for Sustainability adjusts building heating and cooling schedules to maintain seasonal temperature set-points and comfortable levels. KU building temperatures are carefully scheduled for occupied and unoccupied times to achieve the highest levels of comfort and energy efficiency.

Campus Operations programs thermostats to the seasonal temperature set-points which are 69oF in the winter and 76oF in the summer. During unoccupied hours, temperature will be set back to 55oF in the winter and 85oF in the summer.

To request adjustments to the schedules for special events or in order to save energy during unoccupied hours, building Managers should submit a service request to Facilities Services online, via email, or call 785-864-4770. For special events, please include building, room number, start time, end time, start date, and end date.  Please submit schedule requests at least 3 business days in advance. If the schedule request is shorter notice than 3 business days, please email energy@ku.edu to verify your special event schedule was implemented.